Tuesday, January 22, 2019

New year, better me

If you're anything like me then you strive to make at least some resolutions or goals you want to keep up or start in the coming year. There are the classics and then there are the personal ones people take time to write and keep up. For me, it's a way to feel accomplished at the end of the year, it brings out my strengths and weaknesses.

I hang up a colorful, artsy, and semi-Pinteresty list on my wall and as the day starts up, or the night winds down, as the week just starts, or it comes to an end, I'm seeing it and reminding myself of what I should be trying to accomplish. It's fun to cross it off of the list or mentally know it gets shorter and shorter which means I'm really doing the things I love. Though, I think making too many resolutions or goals makes it too overwhelming and discourages you form even trying so I'm attempting to keep it short, and simple, and at the end of the year I'll give you an update.

I'm striving to:
Write in the one line a day journal every day
Buy myself one luxury
Not procrastinate😂
Film and edit 12 videos
Go to bed by 12
Travel, 2 big trips and 5 small
Learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro
Keep up friend workouts
Finish 3 books
Post to Insta consistently, kind of ridiculous, I know
Save a cent challenge or save $1000 dollars
No dairy and/or meat and/or sugar and/or fried food for 1 month challenge
Stretch and become more flexible
Cook more and write down recipes
Read 3 Russian books
4.0 GPA upkeep
Photo shoot 5 times
Successfully start and continue Running Start
Accident-free better driver
Enjoy and keep my Starbucks job

Bestie Budgeting

!Hola! Have you ever wanted to hang out with friends but didn't know where to go? Well, I got you. I've been in many of those cases and, usually, I find something to do because I do not like to stay bored. There isn't a lot you can do in Vancouver, but why not make the best out of what you have?

One of my most common hang outs isn't always fun, but it's necessary and so helpful and I enjoy having my friends there with me. Going to the Starbucks that's right by the hospital, after school, and studying is really nice. We get our favorite drinks, we get cozy and spread out. We help each other, figure out worksheets and projects together and we get to talk and catch up on our way over there. It's about a 12 minute walk, so not bad at all, and then we usually take the public bus home using our Apple Pass cards on our ID's. We did this on almost every early release day last year and I loved it.

Also, this isn't exactly something you can do, but something you can get, to help make having fun easier. If I were you I would really invest in an Apple Pass Agreement so that you can take public transit through and around Vancouver. 

Other things you can do include:
  • Arcade
  • Bike riding
  • Taking the bus to downtown Vancouver
  • Walking and Penny boarding on the Waterfront
  • Going to a fancy hotel or somewhere fun and taking pictures
  • Seeing a movie at the $3 dollar theater
  • Going to a cool cafe
  • Make or bake something

More in depth dares and stuff to do:
Sit on both you and your friends legs. When both legs go entirely numb, RUN, you won't make it.
Pretend to work at a places without telling the manager...see how long you last.
Call up Pizza Hut and ask for Domino's number
Run around the city tagging people saying your it and run away...see if they chase you. 
Blindfolded makeup challenge
Scavenger hunt with selfies of what you find and challenges


Job Hunting

Adulting...what a rough life milestone. Around the beginning of December, I started looking for a job, it was just so I could see what was out there and how I could get it. I looked into babysitting, dog walking, and performing simple and random tasks for people. It was really difficult to find a site or an app that you didn't need to be over 18 to sign up, and it really narrowed down a lot of my choices. Luckily, there were some and I was able to fill out all that was needed. Your best options are going to be Care.com, PetBacker, and Pawpular. I did try to download some task doing apps but all of them you had to be over 18 for. So, you can try and get in by lying about your age, but I wouldn't recommend it. The apps I tried, and was unable to sign up for were, Instacart, Task Rabbit, Wag!, UrbanSitter, and Rover. 

You have to keep up and answer messages from dog owners and parents, and you need to have a good and professional profile. Try to think of a catchy description that would make parents want to put you in charge of their kid. You will be setting your own price ranges, times, and skills that you can provide. It can be anything simple from picking them up from school to feeding them and doing some cleaning and house chores. In pet sitting apps you, also, have to keep up responsibilities and you have to have a good profile with pictures of you and an animal, usually a dog. All of these are good to have when you can't get a real job and to learn what it's like to be working. You can even keep these as a side job to your real job, if you have the time or energy. 

Personally, I want to work for these apps and Starbucks, hopefully, at the same time, so I can make some extra money, in addition to the regular paycheck. It might sound greedy, but when you have to pay for a whole bunch of car stuff and save up for trips and college, then it isn't a bad deal.

Let me know in the comments below if you find any other eligible apps & how they work out for you:)

Sayonara people!

Volunteering @ Peace Health

"Hello, its' me, I've been wondering if after all these posts you'd like to read more, to go over, everything, that I do while volunteering at the hospital." Get it?? I don't know if you sang that as you were reading it in your head, but I did while I was typing it out. Anyways, some people know this, but my friends and I volunteer at the hospital that's right in front of HeLa. Most of them volunteer on Tuesday but I volunteer on Thursdays. It's a four hour shift but I usually take around an hour dinner break. So, some basic stuff to know about this:
  • You volunteer your time, so you originally pick what days and times work best for you.
  • The school has no association with this program and don't know anything about it, so don't bother asking. Go straight to the source, the hospital or someone you know who volunteers there.
  • You have to get an application to apply and you must attend the orientation.
  • To get the application you can either ask me or print it off online.
  • This whole process takes about a month but it can be longer or shorter depending on how fast you can get everything done and turned in.
  • You have to get two recommendation letters from your 8th grade/9th grade teachers
  • You have to get your list of vaccinations, you can most likely get this from HeLa, or at least I was able to. If you have never taken any kind of vaccination you have to fill out an exempt form and wear a mask during flu season, it sucks, I would just get the shot if I were you.
  • You can't do homework while you are there.
  • Every floor and building has something different to offer, for instance, I do different things than what my friends do because we work on different floors in different buildings.
  • Some things I do include sanitizing door handles and hand rails, making fresh pots of coffee, refilling glove boxes and medical supplies in rooms and medical carts, getting refreshments for patients and family, passing out meal trays to patients, visiting with patients, and directing lost visitors. 
  • You get prepaid meals, so you have $7.50 to spend on the food they have there and 20% off in the gift shop.
  • They have a cafe and a cafeteria.
  • If you do think this is what you want to do then I definitely recommend doing this with a friend because it can get pretty lonely.
  • If you are going into the medical career, or even if you aren't, this looks fantastic on college applications!
  • Lastly, just think about it this way, you need 15 hours of volunteering to graduate and after going and volunteering four times, or about a month, you will already have 16 hours!!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Favorite Dog Breeds

Dogs are my absolute weakness, I can't live without them and I can't watch something dog related, where something bad/sad happens to a dog, without bursting into tears. Plural, not just a singular tear, there are multiple. You should actually see me, you would think I'm faking it, but it's so genuine, it's ridiculous. For instance, have you seen the music video for Happier by Marshmellow? Yes? Well, I have shown it to 4 people (family and friends) and balled my eyes out every single time. I'm not joking, I was actually concerned at myself. Also, have you ever seen the movie, Wonder? Well, I have, and before I sat down to watch it, my sister warned me about bringing tissues, because of how much she cried during the movie, but I had not cried a single time in the whole movie until the dog died. It's kind of ridiculous how much that kind of thing affects me. So, I have compiled a list since around 2017, probably, of my favorite dog breeds that I have met on the streets and ones I've always loved. They are so cute and I wish I could own every single one.
Oh! And don't worry, because I will own every single one of these dogs, probably not all at the same time, but it will happen. 

Image result for french bulldog
Google image of French Bulldogs

Image result for siberian husky
Google image of a Siberian Husky

Image result for siberian husky german shepherd puppy mix
Google image of German Shepherd/Husky mix

Image result for yorkshire terrier
Google image of Yorkshire Terrier

Image result for pomeranian
Google Image of Pomeranian
Image result for pomeranian papillon
Google image of a Pomeranian Papillon
Image result for yorkshire terrier and cocker spaniel mix adult
Google image of Cocker Spaniel/Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Favorite Podcasts

Hey Sisters!! Nah, I'm kidding, that's not me. Anywho, I'm back with another post of favorites. This will probably be a common theme throughout this blog, if you haven't already noticed. After listening to SERIAL in my English class I decided to give podcasts a try, and, it paid off. I really enjoy them. They're fun to listen to on the bus, when I'm doing my homework, or just doing things/chilling by myself. It's like you have people there with you, it helps pass the time effectively, and, usually, I hear a funny story or get some helpful advice. It might sound boring, but give it a try, you could fall in love with them and not even realize. Let me know of any other ones you discover and if you like them. One of the coolest parts is you can listen to most, or all of these, on Spotify, which I know a lot of you already have. So, easy peasy.

Here are the ones I currently listen to and enjoy:
Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz- This podcast is fun for girly stories and advice, it also goes into the lives of two YouTubers, one that happens to be a favorite.
Don't Blame Me!- I'm not sure I love this one yet, but it's a fun advice one.
What We Said- These are two, fun, travel girls. I follow one of them on Instagram, and she's really cute and does have a fun life full of Instagram worthy travel posts. Again, still figuring out if I love it, but so far, I like it.
Gals on the Go- Testing out the water with this one, but they talk about their friendship and college advice which is interesting to listen to because it's kind of like a prep for college and further friendship problems.
Just a Tip with Megan Batoon- This is a relationship type of podcast with stories and advice and, still, I don't know how I feel about it, I'm sorry, I guess you'll have to figure it out for yourself.
WHOA That's Good Podcast- I really enjoy this podcast, the first episode was awesome because it had Bob Goff and he is an amazing motivational and inspirational speaker, about Christianity and other life situations. He's, also, written some books,  and I got to meet him and take a picture with him when he came and talked at my church, so I thought that was really cool to listen to.

Here are the ones that sound interesting, but I have, yet, to give them a try:
#Viral with Natalie Alzate
Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso
Self Service with Jerico Mandybur
The Overwhelmed Brain
Eat Your Kimchi
All In The Mind-ABC RN
Science VS
Just Between Us with Bailee Madison & Kaitlin Vilasuso

The ones I haven't tried, I have read the descriptions of them and really liked the sound of them. Some are advice giving, others are stories, and sometimes there can be a more inspirational or educational kind. I'm willing to give them a try if you will, so, join me! 

The Results Of The Cheer Comp, Are You Ready For It?!

You've waited long enough to hear the results so here goes nothing....

All of our efforts were close to paying off, but, unfortunately, we did not make it to state. We were really hoping to qualify for state or at least receive some kind of award, but that's okay. It just means there's room to improve and we won't stop until we've gotten there! I was really happy to have even gotten the chance to try again and this time we did not let it go to waste, we made our routines so much better and more impressive. Through a pulled back for both me and my sister and a dislocated knee in another cheerleader we were able to pull through and successfully get our flyers in the air all three times. We were all a nervous wreck due to the fact that we hadn't been able to get my flyer in the air every single time we tried in practice, but finally, luck was on our side and we got her up there when we performed, it was a true miracle. Our coach was extremely happy and we couldn't have been happier or more proud of each other. It was such a big accomplishment that we all ran up and hugged each other at the end and cried when leaving the performance mat. It was, honestly, such a good experience. 

When it was time to get awards, we were just happy to even be standing there. Like a choir with perfect unison, we all joined in and sang along to lots of good songs with the rest of the cheer teams. Bohemian Rhapsody was so loudly sang and it was so fun that a team even crowd-surfed three of their teammates, that was so funny and amazing. 

Once we made it back to the bus it was a straight drive home, we talked for a bit and then I, finally, passed out. I managed to get my hands on our performance video, so in case you were curious what we did, check it out. Also, keep in mind, we've only been cheering for six weeks and we are just the team who cheers on the sports team and keep the crowd hyped, but this is what we managed to pull trough in just TWO days of practice. Imagine if we had more?!

P.S You probably won't be able to see the video right away, or it might looked blocked, but just click on it,nonetheless, and click play. It will work, trust me. As for the pictures, you won't be able to view them on your Chromebook, but if you have a phone and you open this blog on your phone or a different laptop then they will come up. Sorry!